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Broadening a child’s potential through variety.

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Enabling children to become confident and competent learners.

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Learn as you Play is an active learning session during school time, developed by the JNR coaching team, which promotes a child’s physical development and aide’s academic and cognitive skills. Our sessions have been designed using sport and physical activities to enhance many cognitive skills, enabling children to become confident and competent learners.

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We adopt a fun, theme-based approach to our games and activities. Learn as you Play is perfect for those children who may find it difficult to interact with other children. Where applicable team-based games are non- competitive which enables all children to participate to ensure they maintain confidence and have varied opportunities to develop new skills.

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We recognise that physical activities are a primary aspect of learning, underpinning all other developmental areas, both in and out of the classroom. Our programme enables children to be simultaneously active, interactive and co-operative, developing important listening, social and communication skills while having fun through play-based games and routines.


About JNR Coaching

Here at JNR Coaching, we always deliver the highest quality coaching from our enthusiastic, experienced coaches. We provide an array of different sports; from the most popular playground sports football and rugby, to the lesser known, up-and-coming ‘American Sports’. We hope to enthuse as well as educate our students on the importance of sport, not only for keeping us fit and healthy, but also to develop great communication skills with their peers. We are meticulous with the organisation of classes and our coaches have been carefully selected due to their expertise and positive attitude.

For queries & enquiries please contact us.


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Our most popular playground and seasonal sports; these activities are designed to inspire and energise a child’s day, using sport as a springboard into developing their interactive and cognitive skills. Conducted by our enthusiastic and experienced coaches, we are determined to get the best from our little learners.

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Don’t follow the shuttle: get there first! Dictate the play to succeed in this fast-paced individual or doubles game. We see the value in enhancing fast reactions and fitness which will help any participant get round the court to play those decisive shots. Drop shots will ruin our rally!

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A sport that needs no introduction. We look to improve more than just what you can do with a ball. We aim to install confidence control and improve a child’s sense of camaraderie within a team. With specially-created, age-specific games and drills and by keeping children in similar age groups, we can allow them develop at their own pace without the worry of being left on the bench.

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‘It ain’t a round ball!’ We pride ourselves in reminding children and parents alike that football isn’t the only fantastic team sport that can grace the modern playground. We provide thoroughly enjoyable first introduction into non-contact rugby, which appeals to boys and girls of all sporting abilities and backgrounds. With drills and games purposefully created to incorporate the use of tags, we can maintain a level playing field in a safe environment. Try hard, gain a turnover.

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….Set Point. composure, timing and technique. We teach the fundamental tennis strokes needed to keep shots ‘in’ the court. It’s not all about your racquet to ball co-ordination; We use imaginative games and techniques to improve footwork and positioning when receiving a ball. Take care- no unforced errors.

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Take to the crease and defend the wicket! Cricket has come a long way since its 16th century origins. We use specialist techniques to teach children the correct way to play and enjoy their innings. By playing innovative games, we can enhance hand-eye co-ordination skills with a bat and ball. Howzat! Concentrate, be patient , just wait for your innings!

american sports

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American sports

From across the pond, a whole new set of ideas to run with. We have taken inspiration from the USA to create a fun programme based around the most popular American sports, to broaden a child’s potential through variety of play.

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Dodge, weave, jump, run.... Catch a ball and you're back in for the fun! Teamwork is the aim of the game here. There is more to dodgeball than throwing a ball and hitting a moving target. Children will enhance their agility, speed and awareness whilst tactically thinking of the next move needed to help the team. Catch! Out and my teammate is in...

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American Football

Blue 8, Blue 8.... Hut! American football is rapidly growing in the UK, with more teams popping up all over the south. Why not build on the foundation blocks needed to participate in this exciting sport? No roughing! We use tags to determine a tackle so all abilities can play safely.

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Confidence. Step up to the plate. It's not all about game day. By playing a series of mini games to improve on timing, composure and speed of thought, we can build on key skills and coordination needed before taking to the mound.

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Alley oop!
Have confidence in yourself and those around you. Basketball is a fast-paced team game where we can provide the difference. With drills and imaginative games, we target child's focus, fitness and awareness of others, be it their teammates or the opposition. Think fast, don't double dribble!

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Set, Spike It. That’s The Way We Like It! Volleyball was a huge success at the London Olympics. Patience and precision will gain success. With this in mind, we focus on technique and consistency. With specifically designed drills and games, we practice the transitional skills between moves and can capture the imagination whilst promoting team cohesion and choreographed team movement. No foot faults! A step in the right direction.


Breakfast Club

Our breakfast clubs are a great way for children to start the day…
We can take the stress out of a busy parent’s morning rush by providing an early school drop off and some fun active games. This club is the perfect productive start to the school day. Clubs generally start ONE HOUR before school but can be tailored to suit a school’s needs.

Lunchtime Club

The lunchtime bell isn’t all about a squashed sandwich at the bottom of your school bag…
Our experienced coaches bring a bundle of energy to lunch. Through the power of exercise, we revitalise a child’s learning potential by stimulating their brains and therefore better enable engagement in their lessons for the rest of the school day.

After-School Club

Schools out… but not just yet…
We pride ourselves on being an exciting way to end the school day. We know that children relish after-school activities and we are proud to deliver that reward of enjoyment, whilst expending all that excess energy before home time.

School Team

For children who need a little more competitive stimulation than just what the playground has to offer.
It’s not all about winning, but with JNR school teams we plan to provide our players with the skills to succeed.
Our in-depth sessions look to improve all areas of team sports to get the best out of your school team. By teaching sportsmanship and channeling the will to win, we will take all the hassle out of running your school team, arranging fixtures and coaching them on match days. From taking their weekly sessions to selecting the team, from the first whistle to the last, we will be there to support our players.


Our P.E classes are planned and are completely customisable on a term-by-term basis to suit your school’s curriculum. We continue to add new a spin on sports to make them fun and engaging for all ages. This is perfect for staff and teachers with a busy timetable who may need a sports professional to take the children out for exercise on a cold wet day!

Holiday Camps

Are the school holidays here already?
We can provide half-term and summer holiday camps for ages 5-11 in football, rugby and multi-sports, typically Monday-Friday, 9:00-15:00. Our camps are imaginative and engaging throughout and a great way for your child to keep active and socialize in familiar surroundings. Let’s get children away from television this holiday!


Happy Birthday to you…We never get sick of hearing this song!
JNR take all the effort out of organising party entertainment. Guided by child experts, our fun and varied sports parties include all the energetic activities needed to work off that birthday cake! A trophy for the Birthday Captain and a shiny medal for every participant will remind both parents and children of an unforgettable party.

School Assembly

Unfamiliar with a sport or would you like a fresh idea for a school assembly? With our knowledgeable sports specific coaches, we can entertain, teach and engage your children in an interactive assembly for a chosen sport. These can be booked free of charge.

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